THE Scottish madam who ran an international sex empire has claimed some of her most high-profile clients want her dead.

Anna Gristina, originally from Kirkliston in West Lothian, was head of a vast prostitution ring from her base in Manhattan.

The 46-year-old claimed her business - which stretched from London, Paris and Dubai - hosted prominent sportsmen, politicians and celebrities, including a member of the Royal Family.

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However, Gristina fears her life is under threat by those ex-customers who are desperate to keep their indiscretions from the public. And in an effort to deter any attempts on her life, she claims to have filed a dossier containing the names of her most high-profile clients.

She said: "There are some people out there who really wish I wasn't around.

"If anything happens to me, there are discs with very high-profile figures that would go to all media outlets."

Gristina has also claims to have threatened gangsters who had tried to extort her.

She said: "I once sent a couple of friends in the National Rifle Association to see someone that was causing me trouble. They had a conversation and he never bothered me again."

In November 2012, Gristina was given five years in prison after arranging a sex show for an undercover police officer.

She was recently released, however, and now rears pigs at her home in New York.