Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has arrived in the UK for a two-day visit saying it was important for the European Union to include a strong Britain.

The Taoiseach will meet Prime Minister David Cameron before moving on the United States later in the week for talks with president Barack Obama.

Speaking during a visit to Manchester, Mr Kenny said he will discuss a range of issues with Mr Cameron including visa flexibility, trade and Northern Ireland.

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He said: "We want to talk about the question that Britain must answer for itself in the context of its place in Europe and for the future.

"From our point of view, clearly we have very close relations with Great Britain and that's going to continue at the very highest level.

"But also we have clearly indicated our view of the future from an Irish point of view of being with the eurozone and with the euro and with the 500 million market that's there.

Mr Kenny opened phase one of the Irish World Heritage Centre, in Manchester.