Controversial TV personality Katie Hopkins has come under fire after she blasted union boss Bob Crow on Twitter.

Hopkins took to the social media site to post a series of tweets after the RMT union boss' death was announced earlier this morning.

It is believed the 52-year-old died of a heart attack.

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Hopkins also used Crow's death to promote her appearance at the Big Debt Debate on Monday, March 17.

She tweeted: "There was a man called Bob Crow. *limerick to follow, after appropriate amount of time for national outpouring of union grief*"

She added: "Bob Crow: 'Thatcher can rot in hell'. Respect?! Don't make me laugh."

After her initial tweets caused a backlash on Twitter she responded by tweeting: "When I die my detractors will dance or not care. I would expect nothing less. He had no respect for Thatcher. I had no respect for him."

Hopkins even hinted at Crow's death in a tweet promoting her Big Debt Debate appearance, saying: "Super excited about hopping on the underground to the Big Debt Debate on Monday. All lines running smoothly I don't doubt."

She then continued: "One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a letter and one less means a new council house for someone I hope. #BobCrow."

Hopkins is well-known for her controversial comments and ended up in a Twitter battle with singer Lily Allen last month after she criticised the singer's weight.