THE BBC has launched a revamped version of its iPlayer with a range of exclusive shows including comedies starring Frankie Boyle and Micky Flanagan.

The new version of the on-demand system has been redesigned with BBC bosses saying it will make it easier for people to find the shows they want to watch. It will have a collections section that groups together programmes around certain themes as well as by channel and a more responsive search tool.

Danny Cohen, the corporation's TV boss, said Frankie Boyle would stick to the BBC's "standards and values" when he appears on the new show. The Scottish stand-up features in a one-off comedy with Bob Mortimer that will run exclusively on the on-demand service which is not covered by Ofcom's broadcasting code.

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Hundreds of people complained to the watchdog which ruled that Channel 4 breached broadcasting guidelines after Boyle made comments about Katie Price's disabled son on his series Tramadol Nights in 2010.

The BBC's head of TV Mr Cohen said: "The Ofcom guidelines are very important, but we also have our own editorial standards and values that we keep to across everything we make, and we will be making sure Frankie adheres to those.

"We don't have a ban on any particular comedian and nor should we.

"I imagine you're talking partly about the stuff on Channel 4, which was not a joke I liked but at the same time we're not in the business of banning specific comedians because of jokes they may have told."

Mr Hall announced last week that digital channel BBC3 will move to the iPlayer next year in order to save £50 million a year.

The online-only shows include three original dramas written by young writers, seven short comedies and a trio of films by Adam Curtis.