A DRUG dealer died hours after the funeral of a teenager he was rumoured to have supplied with pills, a murder trial has been told.

Kevin MacKay, 39, is alleged to have been murdered by Andrew Brown, 23, and Dean Melnyk, 20, at a house in Ecclefechan, Dumfrieshire, on August 22 last year.

Both men deny the charge and are on trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

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Earlier, the court heard Jamie Abba, 19, who died after taking pills believed to be ecstasy, had been laid to rest. Mr MacKay's daughter Chelsea, 19, told the court that Mr Abba was one of her best friends.

She told the jury she was with him the night he died at a house in the town, but left because everyone else was taking drugs. Miss MacKay was asked three times if her father sold drugs and she denied this twice, before admitting he did.

She was asked if she had told police that Mr Abba had asked her to get him drugs from her father and if she had told him he would need money and she admitted she had said that. But she denied getting him any drugs from her father that night.

Miss MacKay said that she did not go to Mr Abba's funeral because of the rumours circulating about her father allegedly selling him drugs the night he died.

She was asked how that made her feel and replied: "It made me very upset that I couldn't go."

The trial continues.