A DRIVER who caused the death of an elderly bus passenger has been ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work.

Allana Kyle pulled out in front of the bus without looking at a junction in Renfrew on November 11, 2011, causing bus driver Lukacz Bielecki to slam on the brakes in a bid to avoid a collision.

Mary Mullen, 72, was thrown from her seat and died after striking her head against a bulkhead. The accused drove on without stopping and did not know what had happened until police advised her, Paisley Sheriff Court heard.

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Kyle, of Renfrew, pled guilty to ­driving carelessly on November 11, 2011, in Paisley Road, at its junction with Cockles Loan, Renfrew, by failing to keep a proper lookout or give way to the bus.

Defence agent Terry Gallanagh said Kyle, 43, was "truly sorry" and her life had been "totally destroyed" by the incident.

The lawyer also made reference to the comments in the police report which were critical of the physical ­lay-out of the bus. He said: "Every other seat at least has the protection of the seat in front, except for this one."