Glaswegians searching for love online are among the highest percentage of drug users, according to a US dating website.

The 50,000 active members of across the UK were analysed to discover which areas of the country have singletons who are most likely to use drugs.

Glasgow shared the third spot with London and Preston with 7.8 per cent of users admitting to drug use.

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Bolton was ahead with the highest percentage of 10.3 per cent while Brighton fell into second place, with 8.5 per cent.

Around 90 per cent of the free-to-register site's membership is aged 30 years or over, with the average age of a member around 45 years old.

The website users were presented with the basic question "Drugs?", and the options to choose were "Never", "Sometimes" or "Often".

Other Scottish cities who made the poll included Edinburgh with 7.1 per cent of members confessing to drug use while Aberdeen came in at 5.2 per cent.