COUNCIL officials have backed down over plans to fine a man for driving in a bus lane as he rushed to his dying mother-in-law's bedside on Christmas Day.

An appeal hearing held by Glasgow City Council decided to throw out Jack Wilson's fine.

The decision was branded "a victory for common sense" and comes the day after the council announced it will not fine people who drive in bus lanes this Christmas Day or New Year's Day - when there are no buses on the road.

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Mr Wilson received a penalty notice for £60 after he and his wife Mary, who live in West Yorkshire, drove through the bus lane on Great Western Road, which is only operational during rush hour. They had abandoned their Christmas plans and made the 220-mile trip north on December 25 to get to the 86-year-old's bedside. Mrs Bateman passed away two days later.

Mr Wilson, 65, emailed the council to appeal the fine on January 21 and sent them a copy of Mrs Bateman's death certificate. Officials decided to uphold his appeal.

Mr Wilson said he was "absolutely delighted".