HARRY Ramsden's is to open 50 new outlets in Scotland within the next five years, generating 500 jobs.

The well-known brand, which has three sites north of the Border, has announced plans to develop a flagship restaurant in the centre of Glasgow as well as other branches in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Ayrshire and the Highlands.

The new developments will include large restaurants with takeaway counters as well as "traditional locals", with managers saying they want to bring the brand "back into the heart of towns, cities and suburbs across Scotland".

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Joe Teixeira, chief executive officer of Harry Ramsden's, said: "Fish and chip is arguably the nation's favourite takeaway, selling over 255 million portions each year however with such a limited presence, we have been unable to satisfy demand in Scotland. This is the ideal time to increase our presence across Scotland."

The firm has signed a franchise with Sevenseas Ventures Limited.