TRIBUTES have been paid in Scotland to veteran Labour politician Tony Benn, who has died aged 88.

A left-wing stalwart, Mr Benn marched in Glasgow with union leaders Jimmy Reid and Jimmy Airlie in 1971, above, to fight the closure of shipyards on the Upper Clyde. He was said to have been "mobbed by so many well-wishers you would think he was a rock star".

He served as the Secretary of State for Industry during the 1974-79 Labour government and was once dubbed the "most dangerous man in Britain" because of his socialist views.

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Mr Benn died peacefully at his home in west London yesterday, surrounded by his family.

First Minister Alex Salmond said: "Tony Benn was an outstanding figure whose career encompassed several political generations.

"His political reputation will transcend the internal Labour Party battles of the seventies and eighties and be founded instead on a politician whose writings and campaignings reinvigorated grass-roots politics."