The latest milestone in Britain's drawdown came as a final convoy of vehicles returned equipment from the camp at Price, to Camp Bastion.

The convoy, or Combat Logistic Patrol (CLP), returned to Bastion on Saturday in the last of some 30 convoys that have been bringing kit back from bases across Helmand for the past six months.

The Ministry of Defence has announced the closure of three important bases in Helmand province over the past month.

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As Britain cut its number of bases from 137 at the height of its campaign to two, any equipment to be sent back to the UK has been taken back to Camp Bastion.

The operation to remove equipment from the last three bases has been a six-month effort, with journeys via air and road, in huge convoys of armoured vehicles, known as CLPs. In the operation's final stages there were 10 such patrols, involving nearly 600 vehicles.

The last returned to the UK's main base in Helmand on Saturday, bringing equipment back from camp Price.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Caldicott, who commands the Close Support Logistics Regiment, said the final CLP marked the end of his regiment's operational mission in Afghanistan.

One small forward operating base, Sterga 2, remains in Helmand province.

Lt Col Caldicott said: "There's a huge sense of satisfaction that we have kept pace with the plan, that these patrols have been successful, they've been relatively uneventful thank God that we've managed to get through without suffering any casualties on the tracks and roads and desert of central Helmand, at least in my regiment."