THE Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been among a number of royal celebrations in recent years.

But now another milestone is being marked as the Queen Mother's fridge celebrates its own 60th anniversary in full-time service.

The General Motors-built appliance at the Castle of Mey in Caithness is now one of the longest-lasting refrigerators in the country.

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The Queen Mother used it from its purchase in 1954 until her death in March 2002. Since then, it has continued working almost perfectly and is used by her grandson, Prince Charles, when he stays every summer. Visitors can expect to be shown the old fridge in the castle's kitchen.

Michael Sealey, the Queen Mother's head chef for 32 years, said it was built to last. He added: "It has six-inch-thick doors, not like the thin plastic ones these days which don't last 60 weeks, let alone 60 years.

"The only problem with it was that it needed defrosting occasionally. Other than it being slightly chipped with age, it's in perfect working order."