Labour's women

Labour's women

THERE was a shortage of women coming forward at the devolution powers debate in Perth yesterday. How unlike a generation ago when the Clause 4 debate in Inverness had Johann Lamont and Margaret Curran prominent (on the losing side). Conference chairman Jackson Cullinane pleaded for more womenfolk to come forward, and then said: "Oh, well, we'll need to take Michael McMahon." Which seemed harsh given his fine work as Holyrood Welfare Reform convener.

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Trouser press

GLASGOW South West MP Ian Davidson was unchuffed with the "Highland hospitality" at his Perth B&B. Asking where he could change, he was told "Sorry, we don't open 'til 3". I suppose you want me to change in a public toilet? he replied sarcastically. "Aye, there's one down there," was the reply. He ended up stripping off outside a local crematorium. "Well, it was a quiet road," he explained.

FM's youth selfies

UNSPUN fears the First Minister should opt for a more dignified approach to the female youth vote. We know we need to engage with them, but are unsure about the approach of Mr Salmond as recorded by Messrs YouTube showing him grabbing two young women in Aberdeen and asking if they wanted to be on his Facebook page. The young women had the grace to look more embarrassed than the First Minister.

Ming's thing

SIR Menzies Campbell revealed to Her Majesty's Press over lunch why he had never used his first name - Walter. "I wanted to avoid the initials WC."