A SCOTS wedding planner at one of Britain's most prestigious golf clubs stole money from couples booking the venue so she could fly her cancer-stricken friend on holiday.

Patricia Glancy, of Paisley, pocketed almost £11,000 from five couples who put down deposits on their dream day at Wentworth Golf Club.

The 36-year-old conned them into leaving blank cheques which she then filled in with her own details and cashed into her own bank account.

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She took £10,787.50 between March 1 and June 6 last year, and resigned just before the con was discov-ered by golf club bosses.

She used a large amount of the cash to pay for a holiday to New York for her terminally-ill friend Thelma Harte, from Glasgow.

Glancy also bought goods in the Wentworth Golf Club shop which she donated to charity auctions for hospices north of the border.

However, her fraudulent scheme was detected after a bride emailed the club inquiring about her wedding preparations - only to be told she had not put down a deposit.

A judge yesterday sentenced Glancy to six months in jail, suspended for 18 months, after being told she had paid back every penny of the stolen money to the Surrey golf course, which hosts the PGA championships. The club had honoured every wedding for the couples from whom she stolen the money.

Judge Peter Moss, at Guildford Crown Court, was handed "proof" Glancy used the cash to pay for a trip to New York for Mrs Harte, who died aged 65 years, on April 13 last year. She also provided evidence that she had used the rest of the money to buy items for charity auctions.

Glancy, living at Devenish Road, Ascot, Berkshire, at the time of the offences, admitted five counts of fraud by false representation.