THREE academics at Glasgow University been awarded prizes from Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) for their contribution to science.

Professors Miles Padgett, Peter Kennedy and Dr Kevin O'Dell were all recognised for their work, which included studies involving optics, sleeping sickness and genetics.

Prof Padgett, Kelvin Chair of Natural Philosophy and Dean for Research in the College of Science and Engineering, has been awarded the Lord Kelvin Medal (Senior Prize) for his pioneering work on orbital angular momentum, his promotion of a global community of researchers in this field and his commitment to the public engagement of science.

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Professor Peter Kennedy, Burton Chair of Neurology won the Sir James Black Medal (Senior Prize) for his contribution to the field of tropical medicine through his pioneering work on human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) and Neurovirology.

Meanwhile, Dr Kevin O'Dell, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences scooped the Innovator's Public Engagement Prize for his contribution to public engagement through his skills in both genetics and communication to engage young adults with the world of genetics, particularly through his Zombie Science shows.

RSE highlights some of the UK's most outstanding academic talent through its Royal Medallists and Prize Winners awards that take place each year.