A WOMAN who founded an art therapy organisation following the death of her daughter has been given an award for her charitable work.

Laura Young, 45, was named Charitable Mum at the awards ceremony run by Tesco for her work setting up The Teapot Trust, which provides art therapy for sick children. It was established after her daughter, Verity, passed away from cancer at the age of eight. The youngster also suffered from the autoimmune condition lupus and had spent much of her life in hospital before she was diagnosed with cancer.

The Teapot Trust, which has raised more than £300,000 in four years, is the only Scottish charity of its kind and provided art therapy to 3000 children in hospitals last year alone.

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Ms Young, from East Lothian, said: "Soon after Verity died, I found something she'd written in a notebook. It read, 'There is always something only you can do.'

"It always spurs me on,."