A PARROT was locked in a garage for three years after repeatedly shouting the name of his owner's dead wife - in front of his new partner.

The Congo African Grey, called Roy, was so traumatised by his imprisonment that he plucked out almost all of his feathers.

But the 26-year-old bird is now being nursed back to health after being rescued by the UK's only parrot "psychologist" Elaine Henley.

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The Glasgow-based vet has helped owners of stressed parrots across the world deal with their pets' swearing, squawking and self-harming. She said: "They're incredibly human-like and have really quite complex needs." She added: "Roy takes Prozac because he's so traumatised from his years in the garage."

Ms Henley, who has another parrot called Milo, said Roy is settling into his new life - and picking up the local accent.