It is a vision of Edinburgh as a science fiction metropolis, complete with wind turbines, high rises looming over the Old Town, and exotic flying craft above the New Town.

The futuristic imagery comes from promotional images for a new British science fiction film called The Machine which has won awards and has been played in film festivals across the world.

The look of Edinburgh in 30 years time was designed by architect David Edwards, which is "near future and Britain, still gripped by recession, is embroiled in a cold war with China".

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The independent movie was written and directed by Caradog James and stars Toby Stephens, Caity Lotz and Scottish actor Denis Lawson. Producer John Giwa-Amu says the film "sets the bar higher for future Indy sci-fi; delivering something that most people said was impossible".

It has won three Welsh Baftas and a prize at the Raindance International Film Festival. The film has a "mechanised soldier, a thinking robot that would not only have the ability to fight, but to negotiate and keep peace too".

The image is from the film's pre-production concept art and does not appear on screen. It is hoped the sequel, currently being developed, will use the design and be shot in Edinburgh.

The film was made by Red and Black films of Wales.

Mr Edwards has also designed concept images of a futuristic London

The film is out on DVD on March 31.