HE has been perceived as having a dour personality and criticised for rarely cracking a smile.

But tennis star Andy Murray proved that his moody public image is undeserved when he accepted his latest accolade by being showered in slime.

The Wimbledon champion received the unconventional honour after winning the UK History Maker Award from children's TV channel Nickelodeon as part of their Kids' Choice Awards (KCAs), in recognition of his remarkable on-court achievements. And the 26-year-old Olympic gold medallist from Dunblane took the gungey dousing in good humour after being surprised at a press conference.

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"Getting slimed is definitely the most outrageous award acceptance I've ever done, it was pretty good fun," he said.

"The support I received from a young age has been integral to my career and I hope this award will encourage kids across the UK and beyond to pursue their own aspirations."