THE former fiancee of a man who murdered his first wife and tried to kill his second has told of the chilling moment she relived events surrounding the case.

Tonight viewers of ITV's The Widower can hear what happened when Simone Banerjee finally discovered the truth about Malcolm Webster's past and confronted him.

Webster, 52, was jailed for at least 30 years in July, 2011, after being found guilty of murdering Clare Morris in Aberdeenshire in 1994.

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Webster, of Guildford, Surrey was also convicted of staging a similar attempt to kill his second wife, ­Felicity Drumm, in New Zealand in 1999.

He was jailed for life for the crimes, part of a plot to claim almost £1 million in life assurance money.

Miss Banerjee, 45, from Oban, who has previously said she felt she was lucky to be alive, told of the deja vu moment when she saw an advance screening of the television depiction of the time she confronted Webster who had offered to bigamously marry her.

"I remember it was a ­terrifying moment for me because I didn't know what he would do next," she said.

"Would he attack me when I told him I knew everything about him?

"Watching it being filmed was like zooming in on part of my life. I felt weird that I knew exactly what she was going to say to him next before she said it.

"But it wasn't a shock for me because I'd already lived through it once - and once in a lifetime is plenty."

The Widower follows Webster over a 13-year period during which he murdered his first wife and attempted to kill his second wife before fleeing.

The showdown features in the concluding episode of the three-part series tonight.

Miss Banerjee added: "It's been tough to put it all behind me. I felt as if I could never trust anyone again.

"The emotional burden of it all lasted for years ­afterwards. But getting it all out helped."