A MOTHER allegedly murdered by her husband suffered a fatal blow to her back, a court has heard.

Marion Vita, 48, was stabbed four times on the body, three times on the front and one fatal wound on the back of her chest.

Forensic pathologist Marjorie Turner said the blow to her back hit a major blood vessel causing her to bleed to death.

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Dr Turner was giving evidence at the High Court in Glasgow at Tony Vita's murder trial.

She prepared a report following a post-mortem on Mrs Vita, which was explained to the jury.

Dr Turner told the court that the 12cm long blade on the knife shown to her, could have inflicted all four stab wounds on Mrs Vita.

She was asked about the force used to carry out the stab wound to the alleged victim's back and said it was carried out with at least mild to moderate force.

The court heard there were three smaller stab wounds on Mrs Vita's chest that would not have resulted in any life-threatening complications although the deepest of the three, about 8cm, may have needed surgery. Dr Turner also said Mrs Vita had clusters of small bruises on her arms which were "in keeping with her having been gripped or restrained".

Advocate depute Mr Fairley asked if it was possible that Mrs Vita "did not have time to put her hands up" to respond and Dr Turner said "Yes".

The trial earlier heard that Mr Vita allegedly murdered his wife after discovering she was in a relationship with 34-year-old fraud analyst Elwira Rumniak.

Mr Vita denies murdering his wife and the trial before judge Sean Murphy QC continues.