A SAFETY campaign has been launched after test drivers of Edinburgh's long-awaited tram service said some pedestrians had been behaving recklessly towards the vehicles.

Drivers, who will be testing the trams seven days a week from Monday, have said that while the majority have been acted safely around the trams, some had taken to stepping out between buses to try to cross the tracks in front of a tram while others are dashing across tracks, failing to wait for green man signals.

A social media campaign, using the hashtag #carefulnow on the Edinburgh Trams Twitter account, will be utilised to communicate messages to the public.

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The £776 million service is set to open to the public next month.

City of Edinburgh Council transport convenor Lesley Hinds said: "From Monday, we'll see many more trams out testing right the way through the week and over the weekend as well.

"It's a good time to remind everyone how they can keep safe when walking, cycling or driving near trams."