JK Rowling was a surprise guest in the audience as Eddie Izzard prepared to urge referendum voters to keep the UK together.

The Harry Potter author arrived at the Edinburgh event with Better Together head Alistair Darling but declined to comment on her presence.

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She took a seat next to him at the No campaign fundraiser in the city's Festival Theatre.

Izzard was greeted with positive heckles as he launched the event with help from Rowling.

A call of "Eddie I love you" greeted the comedian as he took to the stage for his show Scotland, Please Don't Go.

Izzard responded: "A positive heckle, I wasn't expecting that, I was ready for a fight."

However, Alistair Darling did not receive such a positive response, with one audience member shouting "try harder" as he was introduced to the crowd.

Izzard told the audience: "I know some people might be against what I believe but whatever happens to Scotland I hope you have a good time.

"There must be people in Scotland who don't give a damn but I bloody well do.

"I apologise for all the bad stuff, the war, the blood, the death but I'm the only Edward to run eight marathons carrying a Scotland flag.

"It all works and in 300 years Scotland's not lost its identity. I mean if you watch a Scotland football match you can definitely see that you've not lost your identity."

The comedian also asked the crowd to give a round of applause to the nationalist independent MSP Margo MacDonald who died earlier today, adding: "I hope she liked that. I didn't know her but her reputation was huge."

Izzard had admitted that he did feel intimidated ahead of the show, which is raising funds for Better Together.