GUARD Deirdre Durrand is so in love with railways she even got married on a train.

Ms Durrand walked down the aisle of a southbound Sprinter at Wick railway station, and tied the knot with John Steven.

The ScotRail worker was not allowed to wed on a moving vehicle under Scottish law, so the train stood in the station until the formalities were complete.

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The couple, in their wedding garb, boarded the 12.30pm train at Wick for the ceremony.

Afterwards Deirdre and John, who manages a furniture shop, boarded the sleeper train from Inverness to London for their honeymoon.

Rev John Nugent, from Wick's St Fergus Church, said:"I've done weddings in outside locations in the past, particularly on beaches and in other isolated locations, but this is the first time I have ever performed a wedding on a train."