Police Scotland have revealed bizarre examples of nuisance 999 calls, including:

"How long does it take to cook a turkey?"Another time-waster rang the emergency number to report he had put £5 of petrol into his car but the fuel gauge had not moved.

And one woman called 999 to say her laptop was broken and asked for a lift to the shops. Officers highlighted the problem of time wasted on non-important requests and raised awareness of the 101 number.

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Tweets from @policescotland included:

l Man received letter asking him to attend hospital appointment on Tues 6 Feb. Dialled 999 to tell us Tues wasn't the 6th.

l 999 caller at Xmas asked us "how long does it take to cook turkey?" T'is the season to ask a chef!

l Person called 999 to complain the ?5 of fuel they'd put in car hadn't moved fuel gauge from zero - then said it was fraud!

l 999 caller complained about seagulls misbehaving. Wanted them charged with breach of the peace!