An 18 year old from Dundee has pocketed £100,000 after spending a pound he was going to use to buy a packet of crisps on a National Lottery Scratchcard instead.

Jack Tanbini, a cash and carry apprentice at Batleys, was making a delivery to Glens Newsagent's on the city's Clepington Road on Thursday (3 April). After helping unpack the stock Jack tried to buy some crisps but the grateful store manager gave him back his pound. Instead he spent the money on a £100,000 Purple National Lottery Scratchcard and to his amazement scooped the top prize.

Jack scratched the card straight away and couldn't believe his luck: "The manager wouldn't take my money for the crisps so I bought a Scratchcard on the spur of the moment. When I saw I had matched three amounts I had to get the shopkeeper to double check it and then my colleague who was with me too. Even when the machine confirmed I was a winner I still didn't believe it and was just in shock.

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"I used to play Scratchcards occasionally but hadn't bought one for a while, so this was just a one off. I was told I'd have to phone Camelot, so I just went straight back to work. I mentioned it to a few people, then my boss overheard and took me into his office. They gave me a day off to get everything sorted but it still hasn't sunk in."

Jack lives in Lochee with his mum and has four older brothers and a younger brother and sister. He hasn't decided exactly what he is going to do with his win but driving lessons and a car are on the cards. The Celtic fan, who also loves computer games, isn't planning on frittering his winnings away and sensibly plans to put most of it in a savings account.

Jack added: "I'll give my mum some money and maybe go on holiday, but then I'm going to save the rest for the future."