MODERN art tends to divide opinion, and now a Scots gallery is inviting members of the public to protect or destroy works on display at a special event.

Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art is marking the halfway point in its Atelier Public #2 exhibition by inviting visitors to turn critic and trash the artwork they do not rate.

Artist and Make Destruction event organiser Anthony Schrag said of the event: "The first part of this exciting event is an invitation to professional art critics and thinkers to judge - and destroy - artworks they do not feel merit display in a gallery.

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"The second part is an open invitation for everyone to come and engage with this thinking and to defend and destroy as they see fit. It is a cheeky but serious challenge to explore questions of value within art and who gets to make judgments about what is good art and what is bad."

The event is free and open to the public, running from 5pm until 7pm tonight. Sarah Munro, head of arts for Glasgow Life, said the exhibition was diverse, insightful and imaginative.