MORE than half of the UK's onshore wind turbines are located north of the Border, it has been revealed.

Figures from Renewables UK show that Scotland is now home to 2,315 of the UK's 4,250 onshore wind turbines, around 54%.

Another 405 turbines are under construction, and local authorities and the Scottish Government have already given consent to a further 1,162 blades in Scotland.

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The Scottish Conservatives have attacked the figures, warning that Scotland's countryside could soon be "swamped" with windfarm developments.

However, Joss Blamire, senior policy manager at Scottish Renewables, said the sector employs 3,400 people and has invested £3.5 billion into the Scottish economy over the last three years.

Mr Blamire added: "The reason Scotland has more onshore wind farms than England and Wales is simple, Scotland is the windiest country in Europe.

"Scotland is taking advantage of that fact and using onshore wind to bring significant, under-reported benefits to its economy and environment.

"Renewables generate the equivalent of almost half of our electricity, with almost two thirds of that figure being onshore wind."

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative energy spokesman, Murdo Fraser, said: "It's quite incredible to think that, despite only consuming less than 10% of the UK's energy, Scotland has to suffer 50% of the wind turbines.

"This is a direct result of the SNP waving windfarm developers through, and outmuscling local councils when it comes to the decision-making process."

A spokesman for Energy Minister Fergus Ewing, said: "These comments from Murdo Fraser are the height of hypocrisy, given that two land-owning Tory MSPs are raking in up to £51,000 from renewable projects on their own estates.

"The statistics simply reflect Scotland's vast green energy potential."

Scotland has a quarter of Europe's offshore wind potential.