A PLAQUE will be unveiled today to mark the spot where the idea was first devised to look for the remains of King Richard III.

The commemorative plaque will be revealed by Philippa Langley, who conceived and spearheaded the successful Looking For Richard Project that discovered the remains of the King in September 2012.

The plaque will mark the spot where the search was set in motion at the Cramond Inn, Edinburgh, in 2009.

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The event will be the first official commemoration of the Looking For Richard Project which carried out the research, commissioned the archaeology and raised ­funding for the search for Richard III at a car park in Leicester. The wall plaque will be accompanied by a portrait of the last Plantagenet monarch by artist Cynthia Waterman. Professor Caroline Wilkinson, from Dundee University, who recreated the face of Richard III using 3D facial reconstruction techniques commissioned by the Richard III Society, will see the plaque unveiled.

Ms Langley, the secretary of the Scottish branch of the society, is now working on a movie script aimed at telling Richard's real story on film and is in talks with Hollywood and the UK film industry.

Dr Phil Stone, chairman of the Richard III Society, said: "The plaque recognises Ms Langley's determination and vision.