THE man convicted of killing teenager Jodi Jones has demanded access to satanic literature.

Luke Mitchell has requested six books, including The Devil's Notebook, Satan Speaks and the Satanic Bible.

All three were written by Anton Szandor LaVey, the American founder of the Church of Satan and a staunch critic of traditional Christianity.

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However, Mitchell claims failure to provide the controversial materials would breach his human right to religious expression.

The 25-year-old made the request to the chaplain at HMP Shotts, where he is currently halfway through a life sentence.

A source said: "Mitchell's supporters have always down-played his links to satanism but it's clear he has a serious interest in the subject.

"Some people think he is playing a game and trying to cause mischief. He's still fighting his conviction.

"How can surrounding yourself with satanic materials make a good impression? People are surprised."

Mitchell's links to satanism was highlighted when on trial for the murder of 14-year-old Jodi.

He is thought to have scratched "666" into his arm, before later having the image of a demon tattooed on his arm.

Prosecutors also revealed a handful of references to Satan in Mitchell's schoolwork.

A spokesman from the Scottish Prison Service said: "Any request by a prisoner for materials on the grounds of religious practice would be considered carefully and risk-assessed by our chaplaincy team."