GREEN-FINGERED Scots householders play dirty when it comes to getting rid of plant-eating snails.

The animals are the scourge of the domestic garden thanks to their ability to cause damage by munching their way through vegetables, ornamental plants and seedlings.

But 14% of gardeners in Scotland have admitted they have thrown them over the fence into their neighbour's patch.

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The poll of more than 1500 people also found 80% of people will be heading into their gardens this Easter, buoyed by the fine weather, to tackle spring jobs such as weeding and mowing the lawn.

However, many gardeners are having to clear up after winter storms and torrential rain left their plots in disarray.

The survey conducted for the Royal Horticultural Society to mark National Gardening Week also found that good gardeners make good neighbours.

A total of just 3% admitted to ­growing plants to block out their neighbour's view.