Scotland is set to have the best of the weather for the rest of the Easter weekend, forecasters report.

Scotland is forecast to remain dry and fine for the rest of the long weekend, while the north of England and Northern Ireland are also expected to remain dry tomorrow.

Temperatures were up to about 17C in Glasgow and parts of the Highlands on Saturday afternoon, hotter than in most of England.

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However weather forecasters are predicting a soggy Easter Sunday for the remainder of Britain as their dry start to the Bank Holiday weekend looks set to come to an abrupt end.

Heavy showers and thunder are expected in places as rain spreads from the south east of England across central and southern areas and Wales by tomorrow afternoon.

It comes after most of the UK has enjoyed a recent spell of warm weather in April.

MeteoGroup forecaster Chris Burton said: "It will stay dry and fine on Sunday across Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and the far north of Wales.

"But it's going downhill across southern areas of the country.

"There will be showers spreading northwards from the south east of England. It will be quite heavy across southern and central areas and we may see some thunder.

"On Monday, Scotland escapes the worst but it will be fairly cloudy across the rest of the country with showery outbreaks.

"Scotland is getting the best of the weather for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend."

Temperatures across the UK tomorrow are expected to range from 11 to 15C, while on Monday, the mercury could rise to 18C in places, Mr Burton said.

An estimated 3.4 million people are taking a holiday in Britain this Easter, while about 1.6 million are thought to be having an overseas break.

As well as those having trips involving at least an overnight stay, an estimated 6.5 million Britons are likely to take day trips over the holiday.