A COUPLE have told of their horror after being robbed at gunpoint by masked assailants during their holiday in Barbados.

Laura Holland, 28, and her partner Joe Chapman were only days into their trip to the island when masked men with guns demanded their wallets after a beach party in Christchurch.

Now the Dundee couple want to raise awareness about the risks of attacks for holidaymakers after their own experience.

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Ms Holland, a retail manager, said: "We had gone down to get a bus around 10pm, we waited at a bus stop and there were a couple of young guys there.

"They walked away, came back with handkerchiefs over their faces and a gun and asked for our wallets, it was bizarre."

The reality of the situation hit her quickly once their muggers had departed.

She said: "As soon as they left I just cracked. I think it wouldn't have been as bad if it was just 'Give us your wallet' but because there was a gun involved you start thinking what could have happened.

"They didn't want our mobile phones or my Pandora bracelet, just the cash.

"We had 50 US dollars and about 60 Barbadian dollars I was just asking that morning if we should take out more ."

Mr Chapman, also 28, managed to keep back five dollars so they could get the bus back to their hotel.

They went to the authorities after the incident who said they had not heard of many similar episodes on the island.

Mr Chapman said: "We spent two hours with the police, they didn't have ID or a marked car.

"We gave statements and they said they hadn't heard that much about it."

But when talking to the tourism liaison officer later, the couple were told that thefts on the island had been increasing.

Ms Holland added: "I want to raise awareness and make others aware of the dangers.

"It could happen to anyone at any time .

"It's such a lovely island but it will definitely make me think twice about going back there."