A FORMER army doctor who was struck off over the death of a prisoner in Iraq has found a new job as a medic on a Scots oil platform.

Derek Keilloh was banned from practising as a GP over his role in the cover-up after detainee Baha Mousa was beaten by British soldiers in 2003.

But it has been revealed that he is now working for oil giant Ensco as a medic on a rig off the north-east coast of Scotland. The young doctor was alleged to have said he only saw dried blood around Mr Mousa's nose, but the Iraqi hotel receptionist had suffered 93 injuries following an attack by British servicemen.

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Prime Minister David Cameron said the doctor's actions had been "appalling".

Mr Keilloh's family said he was incredibly "valued and respected" in his new role, and that the former Aberdeen Royal Infirmary doctor had undergone rigorous training to get his job.