Keep it in the family

Keep it in the family

SPARE a thought for Tory environment spokesman Sir Jamie McGrigor MSP as he scrabbles to secure a windfarm on his Argyll estate that could bag him £8million. Nearby residents are up in arms about the proposal at Ardchonnel, and council officials are against it. However some locals have kindly written letters of support. Oddly enough, lots of them are McGrigors.

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There's Sir Jamie himself, his mum, his wife, two of his daughters, his brother, his sister and even his father-in-law. It's a small world in Argyll.

Intriguing details

BETTER Together and Yes Scotland have been declared the official referendum lead campaign groups by the Electoral Commission after their application forms were awarded an identical 44 out 52 marks by the watchdog, as we reported on Wednesday. But here are some more intriguing details of the marking: Yes scored a maximum four out of four in the "experience and skills of key staff" category, beating Better Together's three out of four. But Better Together were better in the "structural capacity to reach voters" section, scoring four out of four to Yes's three out of four. Both were marked three out of four for their "anticipated levels of funding".

Wrong end of stick

LOVE is in the air down the Labour corridor at Holyrood. In recent days MSP Neil Bibby and Johann Lamont's spin chief Paul Sinclair have both made honest women of their fiancees. Another Labour MSP, Mark Griffin, has just returned from an ideologically correct honeymoon in Cuba and Drew Smith, the party's constitution spokesman, is to wed later this year. Drew and Mark announced their nuptials at the same time prompting an excited pal to rush into a colleague's office and declare "Drew and Mark are getting married". The words were misinterpreted.