A POLICE officer have rescued an unfortunate farmer whose stag do treatment involved being tied to a road sign and covered in slurry.

The unnamed groom-to-be was bound to a 40mph sign in Guardbridge, four miles north of St Andrews, Fife.

He had been treated by his closest friends to the Scottish farming tradition of "blackening".

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He was dressed in a potato sack nappy and drenched with slurry, and passed by several hooting motorists on the main road before an officer untied him.

Facebook user Steven Reaper said, somewhat disingenuously: "It's all good fun. Us farmers catch the farmer that's due to get married, strip him naked, put a potato sack nappy on him, take him to the local pub, tie him up outside, feed him loads of alcohol.

"Then we take him back to his farm to blacken him which is when we cover him in black waste oil from our tractors, old milk from the dairy farm, wheat ears to make it itchy and cover him in cow slurry."