First, a confession:

my name is Hazel and I'm a craftaholic. I know this because I have 12 different types of scissors and a nest of fabric that seems to breed. I also have a large stash of buttons, because, you know, you can never have enough buttons. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing my passion, with step-by-step instructions to help readers create unique items for use in and around the home, using materials available in local craft shops. I hope you will be inspired to be creative and join me. This week's project is inspired by the onset of spring: these pretty paper flowers will brighten up any hallway.

Difficulty level: Easy

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Materials: crepe paper; floral wire; floral tape; card; pencil; scissors; wire cutters

1. Flower petal template

The easiest way is to copy an actual flower petal. I was inspired by a peony, which has a large petal with an irregular, curved edge. Draw your petal shape on to the card and cut out. Use this template to cut out 30 petals on the crepe - be sure to fold the crepe into layers to cut multiple petals at once. Remember to keep the scrap paper for making the stamen.

It is important to cut out your petals from the crepe with the grain running vertically - this will allow you to shape the paper to the desired look. To shape the petals, tease out the edges between your thumb and forefingers, working from the middle. Do this gently as the crepe can be fragile. By adding shape it will make your finished flower more realistic.

2. Create the stamen

Roll up a ball of crepe and press this onto the end of the wire. Next, take another scrap of crepe and wrap this over and around the ball and wire. Secure this in place with some floral tape.

3. Attach the petals

I found it easier to pinch the bottom edge of the first few petals and wrap them around the wire, just below the stamen, then secure in place with floral tape. You can then add some more without the pinch as it becomes bulkier, wrapping more floral tape every six or so petals until all 30 are attached.

4. Wrap the remaining wire with tape. Now fluff out the petals and place them in a pretty vase for all to enjoy. Easy peasy!

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