WORKERS in Glasgow have the cheapest commute of any major UK city, according to new research.

A study has found that the average monthly cost of travelling to work in Glasgow is £63, almost half of the typical London total.

The travellers in the UK capital can expect to shell out around £118 each month while suffering the longest travel duration.

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The average Glasgow worker will spend 52 minutes travelling compared to one based in London, who will take about an hour and a quarter before delays.

Edinburgh commuters will spend 52 minutes in transit but will fork out over £70 in costs each month.

The study by investment firm Nutmeg worked out the lifetime cost of travelling to work in Glasgow at £34,344, while Londoners can face a premium of £66,407.

It concludes that the average UK commuter will spend 443 days of their life travelling to and from work with many admitting they waste the time spent in transit.

Also, as part of the report, researchers conducted an attitude survey which found that traffic jams and travel costs were the most annoying aspect of their commute.

Indeed, one in ten workers say they have or intend to change jobs as a result of an increased cost of commute.