An acclaimed TV documentary about Scotland's path to the independence referendum will not be re-shown, it has been confirmed.

The Road to Referendum, which was nominated for a Bafta, will not be re-transmitted or updated by STV.

The show, which its makers had expected to be re-shown and updated, was originally told in three parts by Iain Macwhirter, columnist for The Herald and Sunday Herald, .

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Last night STV confirmed the show would not be re-broadcast.

Macwhirter said: "I'm disappointed that the documentaries are not being updated and shown as we planned and feel I owe an apology to all the people who devoted so much time and effort to making the shows what they were.

"The programmes include some of the last interviews with the late Margo MacDonald and novelist Iain Banks and I hope STV will keep the originals intact for future use."

Macwhirter had said on Twitter there had been "no reason"given, adding: "Disappointed but entirely STV's decision."

The three hour-long programmes were broadcast by STV last June. They took a historical look at the past 70 years of Scotland's political and cultural life: the first covered from the end of the last world war to 1974, the second covered the first Devolution vote and the Thatcher years, and the final programme began with the Conservative victory in 1992 and ran up to the present day.

All parties involved in the production of the programme expected that it would be repeated by STV this year.

The expectation was that the show, made by STV Productions and featuring interviews with, among many others, both Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Alex Salmond, would be repeated in or by May.

There was also an expectation that the final programme would be updated before re-transmission to better reflect how the referendum debate was shaping up heading into the crucial vote in September.

The Herald was involved in this show, apart from Macwhirter's contributions. Significant archive material from this newspaper's extensive history was used in the documentaries, as was other archive film.

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