Scots would give up travelling and their social life first, if forced to become carers for a family member or friend, a poll has found.

In the survey carried out for the Carers' Trust, 21% of adults in Scotland said they would sacrifice a social life and 25% would give up going on holiday if they became an unpaid carer.

The Trust has now launched a new website for young carers who do just that, finding it hard to maintain their social activities. Matter is styled as a Facebook for young adult carers aged 16-25 to counter the isolation of caring and also provide a trusted source of advice.

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The Trust says young carers are overlooked, with only 11% of Scots surveyed thinking of carers as being 25 or under. Estimates vary, but the Scottish Government believes there are in fact tens of thousands, possibly even 100,000 in Scotland.

Michele Lambert, Head of Digital at Carers Trust said: "Support is not always available for younger carers, who are leading stressful and demanding lives."

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