l Across 2009/2010 when the policy was first introduced there were 497 parades in Glasgow.

This dropped to 362 by 2011/2012 but has risen again this year to 390.

l Applicants are required to notify "feeder" and "return" parades, once counted as part of one event, separately. That brings the number down further still.

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l Processions will take place between 7.30am and 9pm. As a general rule no music will be played before 9am or later than 6pm but the council has discretion.

l The policy currently requires that all processions should proceed on the basis of a four abreast formation. There are instances of this being rigidly applied at roadworks to deliberately create hold-ups.

l The carrying of halberds or weapons is prohibited on all processions, unless permitted by prior agreement, subject to final agreement on the day by the Police Commander. Some parade organisers have complained of Sikhs and even army regiments returning from tours of duty carrying weapons.

l Costs are recovered from procession organisers for a range of services and equipment, including safety barriers, the cost of putting in place traffic management arrangements, toilet provision to prevent public urination, and bins and clean-up services, to stop littering.

l Organisers must ensure anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed to participate, stewards are trained to the council's standard and co-operate with and take any necessary instruction from the police.