This week I have decided to add a little colour to my bedroom with these simple cushion covers.

They can be completed in a matter of hours and are a great way to refresh your colour scheme for a relatively low cost. In the coming weeks I will show you how to make a more intricate version that will have a little more detail, but for now I will explain how easy it is to create this great cover which has a simple envelope closure at the back.

Difficulty level: Easy

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Tools: sewing machine, measuring tape; quilting ruler (a regular ruler will do); tailor's chalk; fabric scissors; pins; iron & ironing board. Materials: cushion pad; fabric; matching thread; pom-pom trim

1. Press your fabric

2. Measure up

You need three fabric pieces: one for the front and two of equal size for the back. The front piece should measure the same size as your cushion pad, while the back pieces should each measure two thirds of the size of the pad. To ensure the cushion looks fuller, do not add extra seam allowance.

3. Mark out the pieces

Use tailor's chalk to mark the outline of the three pieces on the reverse of fabric and cut out.

4. Finish the edges

Take both back pieces to the ironing board and measure and fold over a quarter-inch along the edges that will form the opening then press along these folds. Fold over again by the same amount and press so that the cut edge is now hidden. Sew this seam; for a neat finish, stitch with the side that you will see facing up.

5. Attach the trim to the front

Start from the middle and ensure the trim is as close to the edge as possible. Work the trim to the corner point and keep it flat. If you are a novice, I suggest pinning the trim into place before starting.

6. Stitch it up

Pin one back piece onto the front with right sides together. When sewing this, ensure the pom-poms don't get caught in the seam. Sew this with a seam allowance of half an inch. This means that the seam you made when adding the trim is not showing. Then pin on your other back piece to the opposite edge to create the envelope opening.

7. Finish up

Turn out the cover, poking the corners out then pressing the seams. Insert cushion pad via the envelope opening. Tada!

For a full, detailed tutorial with step-by-step photos, follow me at