A TORY councillor alleged to have referred to a woman at a parent council as "mein fuhrer" has been cleared of wrongdoing.

An ethics watchdog said South Ayrshire councillor Peter Convery did not contravene the code of conduct after the probe into a double complaint.

Bill Thomson, Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland, said in his report the Barassie Parent Council attendee, who was not named, had complained about the Troon councillor over his alleged conduct at two parent council meetings.

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Among the reasons no further action was taken were that one incident was said to have happened when the meeting had ended, and that a witness said Mr Convery may have said something entirely innocent.

Mr Convery had also ­apologised to the woman, the commissioner said.

Mr Thomson said: "The complainant alleged that … on November 19, 2013, as the meeting was breaking up, she had asked Councillor Convery to send an email to the secretary of the parent council, to which he had replied: 'I'll do that, mein fuhrer.'

"She also alleged that, before he left the meeting held on February 17, 2014, Councillor Convery had conducted himself in an obstructive manner."

He noted the complainant described the alleged remark as having been made "as the meeting was breaking up".

Mr Thomson added: "The complainant provided no evidence of conduct by Mr Convery which could 'reasonably have been regarded as disrespectful in a manner or to a degree which would have constituted a breach of the code' at the February meeting.