The playful antics of two polar bears at a wildlife park are being captured on camera, with viewers able to watch them live online.

Boisterous bears Walker and Arktos will be filmed in their enclosure at Highland Wildlife Park near Aviemore in the Highlands.

The footage will be captured by an eco-friendly camera powered by a solar panel and mini wind turbine, with the images streamed live using satellite broadband internet.

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Park keepers say the pair, who are the only polar bears on display in the UK, are "best buddies", describing their relationship as a "bear bromance" as they are often seen wrestling, swimming, sleeping and eating together.

Jon-Paul Orsi, digital manager for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, said: "Following the popularity of our penguin and panda webcams at Edinburgh Zoo, we wanted to provide our online visitors with the opportunity to watch the UK's only polar bears up at Highland Wildlife Park too.

"They are great candidates for a webcam as they regularly get up to mischief. Both Walker and Arktos are very boisterous young bears and love to wrestle or dunk each other in the pond. Their playful nature has made them a real favourite."

The polar bear camera will stream live from 9.30am to 2.30pm, with pre-recorded footage replayed outside of live streaming hours.