CAMPAIGNERS hoping to renovate a historic Scottish harbour are the latest group to turn to crowdfunding to reach their goal.

The Annan Harbour Action Group has launched an appeal to help raise £6000 to renovate the town's harbour after years of neglect.

The group has secured funding from the European Fisheries Fund, but it will only be released if members of the group can raise a similar amount themselves.

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They have turned to the website to raise the cash and have offered a number of gifts, ranging from photographs to hot water bottle covers and invitations to the opening ceremony - to anyone providing money.

Crowdfunding works by setting a total that has to be reached by an agreed date before any money pledged is released.

They are concerned that the harbour, once a focal point of the Dumfries and Galloway town, has been allowed to become derelict and is littered with rubbish. The plan is to clear it of silt, and rather than it being "just a dumping ground for old mattresses and bikes" to make it a focal point once again.