LEADING jazz musician Tommy Smith is among 39 artists to have benefited from bursaries worth £440,000 awarded by Scotland's arts funding body.

Creative Scotland has made 39 awards, with artists receive grants of £5000, £15,000 and £30,000.

More than 400 artists across Scotland applied for the awards, with requests for backing totalling more than £5 million.

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The artist Duncan Campbell, who represented Scotland at the last Venice Biennale, was awarded £30,000 to work towards his first feature film. Artists Scott Myles and Frances Priest also received £30,000.

Smith was awarded £15,000 to enable the exploration of "significant new directions in solo and collaborative work through reflection, research, experimentation, composition and performance".

The musician Catriona Macdonald was awarded £15,000 to research pre-1900 fiddle music from the Shetland Islands, and to use this as the basis for future music.

The writer Janet Paisley was awarded £15,000 for a period of research and development leading to a new work of fiction.

Hanna Tuulikki, the artist and composer, was given £15,000 to research and develop a new body of work called Mnemonic Topographies, a series of compositions made in "culturally and sonically resonant places in the Scottish lowlands, highlands and islands."

Johnny Barrington, the filmmaker, was awarded £5000 to research and develop two feature film scripts set in Aberdeenshire and Isle of Lewis, while writer Norman Bissell was awarded £5000 to support the development of a novel based on the last six years of George Orwell.