THE start date of the First World War was just a few weeks away when Mary McLullich was born on May 7, 1914.

Since then there's been the nuclear era, man has landed on the Moon, the internet has gone global and Scotland is considering breaking away from the Union.

Family, friends and neighbours will gather this week to reminisce with former caterer Mrs McLullich as she reaches 100.

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Her family are throwing a party at the village hall at Tayvallich near Lochgilphead this weekend.

She said yesterday: "I just don't feel such a grand age.

"I'm still thinking I've got friends that's maybe 80 and so on and I'm thinking I'm just the same age as that."

The key to reaching such a grand age has always been "moderation", she says.

She added: "All the family will be there, and most of the village will probably call in at some point.

"I've got a friend coming from Skye and one from Preston and a friend coming from Portsoy."

The Herald Codeword fan says she has been buying the newspaper for more than 65 years.

The family will have a marquee erected outside her home today ahead of the big celebration on Saturday.

Son-in-law Lachie Munro said: "She is known in the village as something of an oracle - she has phenomenal recall at least back to the 1930s.

"She is sharp as a tack and only has a home help once a week. She was wanting to get the bus to come and see us and we had to tell her 'no'."

Mrs McLullich, whose husband Duncan died aged 99 two years ago and who has five grandchildren, will be joined by her two great- grandchildren from Australia at the party.

The landmark birthday will also mean good wishes from the Queen in the customary telegram.