A WOMAN wept as she told a court how paedophile "predator" Stuart Hall sexually abused her aged 12.

The victim, now in her late 40s, said the former BBC broadcaster, now 84, forced his tongue in her mouth, repeating "You're special" as he raped her "like a rag doll".

A year later, she said she awoke with Hall, a family friend, at her bedside molesting her as she lay "rigid and still." He said: "I told you you are special - and you are."

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The witness told the jury at Preston Crown Court: "I didn't want my father to be ashamed of me. I felt ­incredibly dirty, ashamed and confused and very frightened and I chose to bury it."

Hall, 84, has denied 20 allegations of rape and indecent assault from 1976 to 1981 against two young girls, who knew him as a family friend.

The TV celebrity allegedly treated them as sexual playthings after plying them with drink.

The victim, known as girl B, said she was first attacked by Hall aged 12 in the mid-1970s. She was working at a stables when the TV celebrity turned up unannounced.

He pushed her against a wall, she said, adding: "He pushed his mouth on mine, he forced his tongue between my teeth. He felt my body, particularly my chest. My dungarees were removed.

"He was constantly speaking ... telling me I was beautiful and lovely and he managed to get inside my shirt. His hands travelled down ... I was smaller than him, he had to lift me."

She said Hall made "guttural" noises as she was raped, which she described as "excruciatingly painful".

She added: "I didn't fight. I didn't do anything, actually. I just was there, just like a rag doll. I'm sorry.

"He said it repeatedly, I was special."

Hall pleaded guilty last year to 14 offences of indecent assault against 13 girls, aged nine to 17 and was jailed for 30 months.

He says sex with the two girls in this case was consensual. The trial continues.