Taking on the law

Taking on the law

Malcolm Offord, the man behind the pro-Union No Borders campaign, is a force to be reckoned with. His neighbour Lord Hamilton, former head of Scotland's courts, objected to Offord's application to stick a satellite dish on his home. Result? Application granted. We trust the episode hasn't created any borders between the pair.

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Trouble brewing

ALEX Salmond was widely pilloried for suggesting Scotland is a "nation of drunks" in a magazine interview. Despite the doing he received, the First Minister has a point. A blokey new book of lists, Top 10 for Men, by Nick Harper, lists the world's strongest beers. Four of the top 10 are brewed, you guessed it, in Scotland.

Happy to debate

BEZ of the Happy Mondays has reinvented himself as an anti-fracking campaigner. A debate with Murdo Fraser, Holyrood's principal cheerleader for unconventional gas extraction techniques, is surely on the cards. The MSP said: "I would be delighted to take on Bez. It would be a fracking good debate!"

Tips for success

ASPARAGUS rarely merits a mention at Holyrood, but former Tory leader Annabel Goldie has tabled a motion congratulating two farmers for growing the west of Scotland's first commercial crop - "an exciting example of agricultural diversity," as she puts it.