ONE-THIRD of Scots believe they could become foster carers if they were to apply.

A survey by Fostering Network also found that Scotland has the highest number of people who think they would do a good job fostering children.

The charity carried out the poll to examine attitudes towards fostering and to try to encourage more adults to get involved during Foster Care Fortnight

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It also found that 73 per cent of the Scottish population felt positive about foster carers and the work that they do while 23 per cent said they would consider becoming a foster carer now or in the future.

Gemma and Gordon Waters, from Blackburn, West Lothian, were approved as foster carers when they were 21.

Mrs Waters said: "Fostering is an opportunity to work hard, support children who can't live with their families and I'll never be able to tell you how rewarding it is to see a child you care for flourish into adulthood.

"Our son takes an active role in being part of a fostering family and is amazing at helping to befriend and look after the children we care for and I hope that this Foster Care Fortnight makes many more people decide to explore what they can bring to fostering."

Sara Lurie, director of the Fostering Network Scotland, said: "Scotland has long since been enthusiastic about the work that foster carers do within our society. We are a strong and skilled nation of people who are compassionate and want the best for others.

"It's very positive that one-third of us believe that we could become foster carers."